CobraBoy (
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 09:19:10 -0800

Ok this is getting really funny. These dumb asses Republican idiots are
just going to pop a vein over this one before it's over.

Drudge was on some show saying Clinton was getting blown by a stewardess on
Air Force One
Then he had another intern at the White House.

So the Republican/Bilble thumpers are salivating over this. "The American
people are going to fry him" is surely what their small white trash bigoted
minds are thinking.

Never mind his ratings are the highest ever after all this.

Well I have news for my less than esteemed humanoids. Ever hear of a man
called Hugh Hefner? Successfull man that got a ton of chicks? By making
Clinton into the Hef of the 90's do you really think that is going to hurt