Re: patent office and key recovery (fwd)

spunkanado (
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 20:58:53 -0500 (EST)

> > > And of course, one of the things holding up deployment -- of a system
> > > where a government agency is the legitimate recipient of the message --
> > > is the "need" for key recovery.
> > >
> > > "The agency wants to include a "key recovery" system in the
> > > software in case the encryption has to be broken."
> > >
> > > The mind boggles.
> >
> this is pretty moronic. i mean, since they are the intended recipient, they
> have the stupid key to begin with. and, if they lose their key or whatever,

Go back to Freeh's 1994 speach to the American LAw Institue and tell me he
wasnt already getting his ducks in a row for the crypto stuff.
Speaking of the then hot Telophony bills he says

" It has nothing to do with the sperate, but important,"Clipper Chip"

yea seperate but important...which equals..."once we get this we are on
to you next"

Also from the same speach

"Although we fully support creation of a national information
superhighway, we cannot knowingly allow it to become a safe haven for
terrorists, spies, drug dealers, kidnappers and murderers.

The untied States should not be faced with a situation where the FBI or
state and local police cannot conduct court ordered electronic sureillance
beacuse we failed today to make the needed modifications to the
communications of terrorists, spies, drig dealers and kidnappers. These
impediments must not be allowed to stand"

I think the agenda of the FBI and its supporters is clearly stated, they
will attempt to bring down ANY thing that MAY hamper them from doing what
they see as there job in the manner they have become accoustomed to. So if
that means that crypto is making it hard for them to tap in on emails or
convos, they will do whatever it takes to bring that crpto down...for the
good of the country.

If anyone expects that they will not at least fight it, and at worst win
the battles, then please go back and look at the arch of the last 12 years
of legislation and posturing from the various agencies.

I cant imagine they will state it more clearly, or that they will have to
. the lines have been drawn for years..