Re: TLD and TLC

David Crook (
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 19:40:26 -0800

I just had a frightenging thought... just imagine this....

The Department of Internet Management

Of course the DIM would be run much like the DMV, no registration or
renewal of domain names by email. You have to go into their office and
wait in line, bring ID. Maybe after keeping your domain for 5 or so
years they will let you renew my mail. Porno business will be out of
luck as the DIM will not let people have domains with "nasty" words in
them. Get ready for outrageous fee hikes whenever the state or federal
goverment feels likes it needs for more cash for the pork barrel project
dujour and they don't have the cajones to suggest a tax hike to pay for

Oh yea, this is going to be GREAT.

On the upside, maybe the can institue an Information Superhighway
drivers license test to weed out the bottom part of the bell curve on
the great unwashed 97%. People could be given tickets for mailing out a
Make money fast chain letter or for sending a goodtimes virus warning
email for all their friends. I hope they don't enforce DUI restrictions
because then it would be kind of boring.

Dave "Were sorry, this is the line for domain renewal, if you want to
register a new domain you have to go stand in the line over there" Crook

spunkanado wrote:
> So the gov takes it all back under its wing...where does that leave those
> of us who want private communications or less controleed play grounds??
> Anyone remeber fido nets?
> Time to get your code out kids, its swinging round that part of the clock
> where we get to make it up all over again.
> (maybe we can add in a better RIP grfx protocol this time:) )

David Crook
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