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> [...Elle MacPherson...]
> God, why does the fashion industry insist on their models looking like
> toothpicks? It's not attractive.

If you mean waif models, I agree that their look is unattractive.
However Elle MacPherson is another story altogether... pant, pant.

> [...]
> As far as I can tell, the fashion
> industry exists for three reasons [...]
> (3) to degrade the models

Yeah, right.

If anyone wants to degrade me by dressing me, photographing me and
worshipping me as an ideal of beauty in exchange for $$$/hour, they
can go right ahead. Please form a queue to the left.

> and by extension, all women.

Sure. It's a conspiracy to degrade all women. They missed one
though: my g.f. when I lived in Paris *loves* the fashion world and
certainly doesn't feel degraded by it.

Isn't it terrible how they choose exceptionally beautiful women?
I mean, shouldn't our role models and ideals be average? Shouldn't we
strive to look average, aim for average intelligence, average health,
average talent and so on?

I think I'll stop aiming to be a great scientist right now. None of
this Ramanujan, Gauss, genius stuff. I'll emulate Joe Plod, unheard
of bloke from Podunksville. Do average work, find trivial things,
earn an average salary, don't make any waves.

And I'll quit trying to look good. I mean forget the Johnny Depp,
Brad Pitt bad boy look. I'll shave my moustache and goatee, cut my
hair to average length and try to look like Mr. Boring Nerd, Esquire.
I'll listen to uninteresting music at average volume. I'll let my car
accumulate an average amount of grime. I'll wear typical clothes.

And I'll be bitter and resentful because I'm not drop-dead gorgeous or
the smartest dude in the world. I'll criticize those who hold up
ideals that I don't match or surpass and accuse them of "degrading" me.

Then again, maybe not. Whiners don't make the world go 'round.
I'm quite happy to admire and strive for greatness, beauty, skill,
bigger, better, faster, more!

Testosteronally yours,
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