Re: Clinton

CobraBoy (
Sun, 1 Feb 1998 09:36:51 -0800

At 7:05 AM -0800 2/1/98, Doron Shoemacher wrote:

> I know that in the US whenever there's a live show on network TV, it's not
> actually "LIVE", but delayed for about a few seconds, and there's this guy
> with a finger on a button, so that every time someone says "fuck" or
> "motherfucker" or "cocksucker" he can cut off the sound.
> When the president is giving his speeches to the nation, is this guy on?
> I guess my question is "Can the president say: Hi America! it's a FUCKEN
> good day!!!?"
> Doron

Nothing is broadcast "live" other than maybe Saturday Night Live on NBC.
Things like Larry King has a delay, and even if someone get's in a fuck on
something like SNL or a "News Event" by the time it reaches the West Coast
it's gone. (3 hour delay)

However, I do believe Clinton could say, "Hello America, can you believe
what these motherfuckers are pulling now?" and get away with it.