Re: Chrysler's Eaton to dealers don't resist Internet

Clover Hodgson (
Mon, 2 Feb 1998 14:02:06 -0800

This is pretty funny, considering Chrysler's web site, in my opinion,
sucks. I was trying to get more info about the convertible Sebrings. It
crashed my browswer numerous times, javascript errors, etc. I was on it a
few times just last week and I don't think I'll go back anytime soon.

At 12:27 PM -0800 2/2/98, CobraBoy wrote:
>Chrysler Corp. chairman Robert Eaton urged the nation's auto dealers
>Saturday to make life easier for people to buy cars by not resisting
>new technologies such as the Internet. While automotive Internet
>companies competed for media attention on the first day of the
>National Automobile Dealers Association annual meeting, Eaton said
>customers were armed with more information than ever before --
>putting them in control of the retail system for the first time in
>history. Industry officials estimate about 20% of new car buyers use
>the Internet for some part of their purchase or research. That could
>hit 50% in 2 years, according to Eaton. See
>This is really funny. I was out Friday night and I ran into these guys form
>Roll's Royce. I offered myself as a beta site for new cars but they
>declined. (Note to the Microsoft employee's on the list, RR is bringing out
>a new car this March at the Geneva Auto Show) Anyway, they were over here
>taking a look at the market and hanging out with this guy who works here in
>OC for the company that builds all of Chrysler's project cars, (
> ) Anyway we had a good old time drinking
>and stuff and I said, "hey do you have a card with an e-mail address on
>it?" The RR guys didn't. So they ask the Chrysler trick car builder guy. He
>pulls out this card that looks like a credit card, plastic multicolored,
>picture of some car on it. I say, "umm... no e-mail address." His relply?
>"E-Mail? We have a fax machine."

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