Re: Purple Hazing

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 19:47:42 -0800

Look, I just didn't want you to confuse the message with
the messanger. I was going to put the quote in without the
attribution, but my advisor told me to always cite
my sources. Affiliations be damned.

> I argued that DEC's demise said little about Unix's,

Agreed. They've been flailing for at least half a decade
and ahitomi is brining in his 5 year old Byte magazine with the
'Unix is Dead' cover to assure me of that fact.

> look to Sun and Oracle for a better indication of Unix's health.

Agreed also. I forget who said it (It might have been Jesse Berst),
but they said a couple of month's ago that Sun's Java strategy
changed them from being a big fish in a small pond to being a small
fish in a big pond. I think he was quoting an investment firm on why Sun
stock was at $45 instead of $100.

> Sun and
> Oracle are both still making quite large sums of money off of Unix, making
> claims of Unix's death seem premature.

What I don't understand, NT used to be considered a flavor
of unix and still is POSIX compliant today.

> You didn't argue whether Unix was alive or dead.

Every bit alive and kicking from the above and the previous discussion
thread on delivered boxes (See: NT and Unix Server Siege comments, etc.)

> Instead, you once again
> raised the association between Microsoft and the forces of evil (Nazism in
> this case). Goebbels would well understand the affect of such repeated
> associations. What at first seems absurd eventually becomes completely
> believable.

Whether he was a Nazi or not is irrelevant. He hit upon
a unique aphorism that is more widely applicable than to just
the world according to Goebbels.

> Explain to me how I'm being "politically correct",
Do you think the statement is true or not?

> or how your comments
> didn't lower the level of debate.
I was just trying to be cleverly contraversial. Truth
be known, I am very proud of the technogeeks of this world,
even the ones at Microsoft, and I am quite sure Jesus said the
geeks will inherit the earth.


p.s. Just for the sake of completeness, I'd like to post the definitions
of the following terms.

Wampeters: An object around which the lives of otherwise unrelated peole
revolve, e.g. The Holy Grail, maybe the Internet or the WWW.

Foma: Harmless, comforting untruths, eg. "Propserity is just around
the corner", or maybe "We are the future" or some harmless Goebbels quote.

Granfalloons: A proud and meaningless association of human beings, e.g.
The Veterans of Future Wars, more appropriately, Baby-Boomers, GenX'rs,
or even Voxers.