Re: Purple Hazing

Daniel Veillard (
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 00:30:24 -0500

> What I don't understand, NT used to be considered a flavor
> of unix and still is POSIX compliant today.

Hey, select() work now, that's good news ! Tell cygnus people,
they have spent 1 + 1/2 years with quite a few good hackers around
net to get the cygwin32 layer, and considering the size of the DLL
NT still lacks a fair amount of code to be POSIX compliant, at least
for a programmer used to the UNIX version of POSIX. Tell apache people
too, it seems that they forgot how to compile a POSIX program !

Oh, yes I forgot, the message is
"Unix is dead, AND NT is POSIX compliant !"

Sorry, I always preferred the OS courses to the marketing ones, this
may explain my difficulties following this discussion... I admit I even
deliberately boycotted anything looking like economics (sp ?), marketing,
or management courses, to go in the machine room, the sound of the disks
and tape backups being preferable to anything non-technical (this explains
some English language deficiencies too :-)