Re: Cringely on Compaq/DEC and Netscape

Rohit Khare (
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 21:40:33 -0800

> (I found this on, btw... I've known about that site for
> less than a week and I'm already wondering how I ever got along
> without it).
> rst

Dude, if ever anyone was born with "target market" tatooed on their forehead,
it'd be you for slashdot :-)

Did you find it from the FoRKpost I asked Adam to write, or separate channels?

We never heard back from Rob Malda, but he's cool enough that if he doesn't
want to join FoRK, well, we'll let him live...

I ask because the web is a small place. I was looking up the name of the woman
I met randomly in Bombay, found a page at Harvard with some quotes and pics;
linked to the (Indian) admin of that alumni page; who linked to his employer,
InterWorld; which was endorsed by my colleague Marty Tenenbaum from
CommerceNet; which led me to write to that admin; but in searching for his
address, failed but found another employee's bookmark file; of which the third
and fifth entries were an old flame from Caltech and a crush I had on a
student volunteer at WWWn (and, now that I think of it, Adam and Rob have met
both, for yet separate reasons...)

"It's a small world, after all"
Rohit Khare