Rohit Khare (
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 18:06:20 -0800

[Interestingly, there were at least a half-dozen mirrors of Jargon
Scout around the world, reflexively citing Keith's (emended) citation
of me for 'reverse egosurfing'...]

Raw references to rohit not from my own hand:

+"Rohit Khare" -"http-wg"

268 hits

I found PEP translated into Korean: - size 3K - 28-Oct-96 - Korean

What must be a fascinating essay in Finnish that cites a small paper I
wrote on locking web pages for distributed authoring with Matthew
Levine and Rafal Boni at MIT.

I found my Byte article:

July 1996 / Reviews / The Next Big Thing on the Web
There are exactly 6 lines above this, and 3 below --> The Next
Big Thing on the Web. July 1996 / Reviews. Next's cross-platform middleware technology...

I found the official National Research Council final report on
trustworthy systems listing a workshop position paper of mine in the
acknowledgments (Joseph Reagle was there, too)

Lots of flotsam: mirrored copies of TBTF, lots of internet-draft
copies (dozens of cookie drafts alone!), some old mentions of eText.
Book reviews of Web Journal (LOTS!, though 97% of those are just
listings). SGML/XML reference bibliographies.

Reference to a letter I wrote to Caltech's Dean once about the scarcity of
good scientific jobs. I'm gonna repost that to FoRK just now.

Some ripoffs of parts of Adam's quote list, one at GeoCities. Wait,
now I'm not so happy. First, it's at Tripod, which is emitting REALLY
ANNOYING ads in new netscape windows -- which with my crappy X
windowmanager, I cannot kill, so they just piel up, miniaturized in
the corner. What I see is that Ms. Jill White is collecting quotes and
included a whole slew of Adam's. The telltale is my classic "Aaah...
snapple, cheetos, and coke, the breakfast of champions!" I think we
need to send a note to :-)

I found a scientific paper actually written with eText! (yes, it correlates
weakly chaotic musical rhythms to brain activity. People who prefer
classical emit more brainwaves...)

A paper on quality Web-based educational textbooks that cites Khare,
but only PEP, not eText. Curtin is
near Perth; I have a cousin finishing her undergrad there... the
world is a small place, full of coincidences. {too bad, it's 3,000
miles from Brisbane, so I can't visit. So close, and yet...)

Hit 157 was Mark Baker's reverse link to me. 158 was our IEEE Internet
Computing article...

Found a really neat little-known Digital newsletter: the Open Systems
Standards Tracking Report (at least for its archival value). Jim
Gettys wrote a winderful article on the core developments of HTTP/1.1
ca. Oct 1996. Being FoRKed separately. Joseph Reagle has an article in
the Jan 98 edition, "The Web as a Global Forum", an excellent contextualization of W3C's technology work with the Bonn framework for ecommerce.

#185. The time I was quoted in Time magazine:

And finally, literally, the last pass, paydirt. I reran the query
-"internet draft" (only 190 hits this way, -"web journal", 103), and
found this report from 1996: I had heard
about Large Scale Active Middleware from Joe Touch (co-PI here with
Jon Postel), but I hadn't followed up. He listed me as a technology
transferee, so there's the link. Also being FoRKed separately.

Whew! Fame is hard work, especially for those who have become a legend
in their own minds...