CobraBoy (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Tue, 3 Feb 1998 18:10:30 -0800

1998 divided by 3 = 666
This is bad news for everyone on planet earth.

Your plant is about to be killed and you should make plans to get on our
spacecraft when we land in 77 countries on March 13 1998. When we arrive on
your planet, do not attack us. We can and will destroy anyone on your planet
who is mean toward us. We are a peaceful race of beings from the planet VELDAR
and mean no harm to no one. We only want to evacuate the people from your
planet to a safer environment on veldar.

We will stay on your planet for 7 days and wait for you to come onto our
ships. We will care for you and you will never ever need or want anything, for
we can provide for everything. If after the 7 days you have not entered our
ships you will surely die. After we leave the gravity of your planet, we will
destroy earth. This is a warning, please take this seriously. On March 13 1998
we will land on 77 countries and welcome everyone.

This message was sent in your language called English so as to reach as many
people as possible. Other language versions have also been sent to your people
in other non-english places.

This messages was sent via your television and radio systems via special [as
you call it] software designed to send to your usenet.

Don't be a fool, get on the ships on march 13 1998. We have room for 12
billion humans, therefore 6 billion isn't too many humans to take with us.
We can travel to veldar and back in less than 3 months. Veldar is 33,176 Light
Years away from earth.





Lets put the *fun* back in dysfunctional...

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