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....The question of eyeballs gets
posted in Wired.


NCISCO (Wired) - Since more users equals more ad
dollars, media outlets - old and new - strive to reach more

A report by Mediamark Research (commissioned by
Yahoo!) shows that Newsweek is read by about 22 million
people each week; Yahoo! captures about 6 million weekly.

Although comparing audience size across media can be
misleading (and confusing to advertisers desperate to know
who, exactly, they are paying to reach), Yahoo!'s numbers
are impressive. While the average old-media audience size
remains relatively flat, Yahoo!'s users have more than
doubled in the past year.


The Eyeball Index:


CNN: 69 million weekly viewers

ESPN: 53.5 million weekly viewers

TV Guide: 38.2 million weekly readers

Time:: 25.2 million weekly readers

CNBC: 23.6 million weekly viewers

Newsweek: 22 million weekly readers

MTV: 21.7 million weekly viewers

QVC: 8 million weekly viewers

Yahoo!: 6.35 million weekly users

Infoseek: 3.5 million weekly users

(This chart also appeared in Wired magazine)

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