Barney: Good&Evil

Ron Resnick (
Sun, 03 Jan 1999 21:59:43 +0200

So, since when did FoRK turn into such a serious place anyway?
Java, Linux, open source licenses - pfui - this is where the wrestlers
hang out, no?

The Internet is pathetic.
No - more precisely, Usenet & the Web are pathetic.
No - more precisely, Yahoo indices are pathetic.

No - sorry - I had it right the first time - the Internet is pathetic.

contains listings indexed by Yahoo, based on submissions presumably,
dealing with Barney. Under this URL are two subcategories-

"Anti-Barney" and "Pro-Barney".

Anti has 20 listed sites.
Pro has 6 listed sites.

The Internet simply reeks with anti-Barney sentiment. All these
over-hormoned teenagers, bored with Duke nukem, have to turn
to ruining the fun of 4 year olds by polluting the indices so that
a search for +barney -rubble turns up listings of decapitated
Barneys, drawn&quartered barneys, etc. Things are so bad that someone
felt the need for:
> Why a Pro-Barney WebRing?. My daughter and I searched the Internet
> for Barney sites for her daughter Kat. We
> were disappointed only to find numerous websites totally unsuitable for
> the eyes of Children who have grown to love
> Barney. It took a little bit of searching but we found the "Good
> Barney Sites" and bookmarked them for our future use.
> What better way to share our "bookmarks" with others searching the net
> because they love Barney but to unite the sites in a
> cirlce of love to show our support! The WebRing of Pro-Barney sites is
> also our way of saying Thank You to the wonderful
> individuals out there who maintain the Pro-Barney sites for our
> children.Don't have a Barney Webpage? There are lots
> of sites out there that will let you create your own webpage and house
> them for for free! Get Connected, design your childs
> page and sign up for the ProBarney Ring! Free web space and email can
> be found at xoom, Talk City, GeoCities to mention a few.

I dare Rohit to show his true compassion for the little'uns by
adding the FoRK archive pages to the Pro-Barney ring! Do some good
to start off 1999. Or, if you're not pursuaded to do good, how
about evil? There's always
> The Hate Ring Homepage
> The Hate Ring is a loop of web pages centering on the theme of
> hating/despising/generally wishing death upon a
> certain person/group/thing. If you think your page qualifies, fill
> out the form below and you will be contacted shortly.

Hint for searching: If you really want Pro-Barney sites out
of your standard search engine, don't query on Barney, try
querying on the phrase 'Baby Bop". The lynch crowds only
seem to know about Mr. Purple, not Ms.Green, so searches
turn out highly refined and virtually all "pro" when looking
for the "I want my blankee" giggler.

Yeah, so I have kids that are into Barney - wanna make something of it?
[My eldest, Daniel, will happily watch Barney on TV, and then
walk over to me, playing QuakeII,
to suggest that I use my hyperblaster against the
Icarus, and then lob grenades at the Tank, and not to forget
the secret in the upper left corner. Kids are just amazing :-).]