Re: Posh Spice, are you out there? [eMediaWeekly dissolves]

Steve Nordquist (
Sun, 07 Feb 1999 00:31:18 -0600

> On 2/5/99 at 2:32 AM -0800, Rohit Khare let the world know this:
> > Sigh. Still, think about it -- a market so small even IDG and ZD
> >cooperated to extract meager rents from it...

Once your advertisers are on the *unsupported* free software mode you're
stuck with the ...where'd that stock-music card deck come from?..._Video &
Producer_ (ExDivaVille, 701 Westchester Ave., White Plains, N.Y. 10604; Scoville
Press) contentmorphing and also Scaled-Down-From-7000x4000 78mm proofs market,
which is the somewhat comely DCC (Digital Content Creator -studio tools fot the
which is an Advanstar publication. (Their markets include Beauty and Science.
Hmph.) Reviews Edit* (No-holds 3D extraction. Yum!) et al,
products etc. They PROMISE to say more about XML to extend their modeling's-
easy-lets-go-to-the-matte setup.
Internet & Electronic Commerce (iEC) having been relegated to a conference.

"Digital Content Creator" in AltaVista--> 14 items, mostly the editor and the
Daily Usenet Report....