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CobraBoy! (
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 08:37:22 -0700

Joe Barrera around 8:20 AM -0700 on 7/27/97, brainstormed and came up with

> Pay some ATTENTION, folks.
> As documented in the FAQ
> (, "Tim is the
> bouncer of FoRK." I was doing Tim's job by mocking Dug's lame post.
> Evidently my mockery was too subtle, and was misinterpreted as
> Microsoft-bashing. Amazing.


First off. I liked the Win'95 post. I liked it so much that I posted it to
the VoXerS. No post that knocks Microsoft no matter how lame is bad. It's
sort of like sex. Even the worst sex is better than the alternative.

So if your going to do my job from time to time understand the rulez.

1) All anti Ms jokes/comments are allowed.

2) Newbies are given shit on their first posts just to see if they can
hang. (This is the patented CobraBoy!/FoRK filter, available now by calling

3) Any post no matter how bad praising NeXTStep is allowed.

4) Any post (now this is the tricky part) saying how stupid Apple is, is
allowed. Bashing Apple is not. It's sort of like talking about the dumb
guy. We can talk about how stupid he is, but given that fact, making fun of
him is just mean and can't be tolerated.

5) Canadians are worthless. Their culture has given the world nothing. Ever
eat Canadian cooking? Wear Canadian fashion? etc.

I hope this helps with your part time job. I understand the pressure of
trying to fill in the gaps around here from time to time. Why, I even made
a mistake, once, just once. :-)



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