Spunky Bits Revistited

spunkanado (tomwhore@interport.net)
Mon, 4 Aug 1997 15:44:02 -0400 (EDT)

Some one named Ron Resnick (resnick@interlog.com) wrote:

>The day Spunky joined a few weeks ago was such a spasm. It was probably
>the low point of FoRK in all its history to date.

For what its worth in centiclueons, this list has some great writers,
thinkers and ,almost as important as the first two types, great
humorists. What weak spots there are can more than be made up for by the
brillance of the illustrious forkers.

It also has a great archive on the web. Handy when you need to go back and
check out the validity of some of the claims and threads that get tossed
about here.

I am glad to have served the list in its drakest hour, and hope in the
furture smtping to come to march onward towards the greater glory and
enlightenment of Fork.

(ernest's koan alone were well worth a day of clueons)