Mark Baker (distobj@acm.org)
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 12:33:29 -0400

I'm making the trek from the world's second coldest capital city, to the
more comfortable West coast for WISEN, the Workshop on Internet Scale Event


Jim and Rohit are on the organizing committee, and Adam and Josh are
presenting. So what's quorum for a FoRKCon anyhow?

It was Jim Waldo's appearance there that finally convinced me I had to go -
I think there's a few of us attending who'd like to take him outside and
rough him up over his insistance on building JavaSpaces on top of RMI. 8-)

So, because I'm scheduling this thing within the two week timeframe, I'm in
need of a good deal on tickets. Air Canada's Websaver deals are a
possibility (leave Fri/Sat, return Mon/Tue) since WISEN finishes up on
Tuesday, but there's no guarantee that there'll be anything going to LAX
(let alone SNA) from Montreal, Toronto, or - yeah right - Ottawa.

Travelman (or Ron "Travelmaniac" Resnick 8-), save me!


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