To accept this gift, share blood with the handsome ribbon....

Steve Nordquist (
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 16:36:51 -0500

Hm, maybe next time I'll have a couple of nickel certifications and a
four-dollar XML tool...what was the point of drug interdiction if prices

were going to be this way?! :)

I Find Karma wrote:

> Pacific time tomorrow for either the Mac or PC for anyone I consider a

> friend.

Well, about that; I should send something to the cookout @ Greg'sin lieu
of an
excuse on the fourth, and BBQ sauce doesn't sound
called-for, entirely.

> ...Windows 98 Upgrade for fifteen bucks?! Who can
> resist... "I'll take 27!" :)

win & | win & | win & |...

> I of course can get you MS tee shirts and golf tees and jock straps
> condoms from the store, too, but my credit on those doesn't run out
> tomorrow... so I can get them any time until the end of August.
> (Actually, in all seriousness, ARE there MS jock straps and/or
> and if not, why not? :)

The 'Route 98 Certified' Jock Strap program had to be...pulled.

...yeah, you'd think there'd be a hypoallergenic Barney...

> Also, I don't know if the distribution list was working this weekend
> when I epiphanied about the central theme of the 1990s, archived now

'epiphanicated' really is awful

>So in addition to this trend toward narrowcasting, there is a trend
>toward bigger, faster, harder, more

Love that radio ad. (Heavy metal hour.)
I thought it was 'the press gets jaded' or 'Journalists produce on
it is now enough to simply take the pressure of the 5 Ws'

>In learning about the costs of everything,
>we now have to struggle to realize the value of anything.
>[gratuity of introspection.]

>What if media and
>content and entertainment software and infrastructure really are all
>merging, putting the subtle control of our lives in the hands of a very

>small number of people? What if it were actually true? Would anybody
>at this point give a damn enough to change it?

What's this 'if' stuff? As if today's (6.30.98) were not
a futher hint, it's unique at the top. Even to digest the accounting
makes high tech happen typically requires going outide of (AFAIK)
Excel to SAP, S3 (software name, not S3, Inc.), maybe PeopleSoft.
Nevermind selling XML and CSS2, where does one go for those?
Even if you can swallow those paradigms and yet order
a sandwich (not a sandwich firm, or a stake involving a sandwich
when you want one, or the 'tweening version' coupon pack)
the 'New Paradigms in Science' remain to be taken with a grain of
About this time, a small crowd gathers to see the one person who
doesn't dine-n-dash for lunch mid-week.

||\ \||
>segmentation and
>interconnectedness. Rohit has segmented his social life while at the
>same time interconnecting with lots of people around him. Therefore,
>Rohit *IS* the central theme of the 1990s, and the universe really
>*DOES* revolve around him...

Good epiphany.
The Tao that gets you married may only be run on one computer at a

and from IDC? Predictions of 52% compound annual growth in
-shipments- of browsers! This, and Baudrillard publishing, in English,
and realaudio (also english, spoken slowly.) Sorry if +oldbits to you:
It will indeed be something of a miracle if (when) XML manages to remove

obscenity from the expanse of stub 'voicing,' market chatter and
loosely affected authorships, etc. (poss. retaining all the salt we'd
miss snaking the economist site in another file.)
Will booth babes go up apace?

>By the way, FoRK has really sucked lately. Way too much email, way too
>conversational, way too little new interesting vision/bits/clue.
Once I inject the New OS Version serum, my messages won't crash
so much, maybe. Sorry 'bout that rogue privacy thread.

--- >8
(EDN keeps giving: Tracor (US Distribution/Rockville MD) sends
"visit the Biometrics Consortium Website"
* 500 members *chartered by Security Policy Board as wg under
Facilities Protection Committee.
etc. 1 or 2 conferences a year as federal government goes.
0 dissent in the 'publications' section titles, just yet; the Human
Authentication is there in full 2.0 glory though.) 8< -----,

As for 'if I were Netscape:' (No peeking, MS VPs.)
Put the server-side Java thing in Java hardware and sell -that- to
Push internationalization and validation of Mozilla builds;
Think Portals Different.
Fix bundling and interface blur problem

>Know how to pitch, hit, and run.
Now I know that the big deal with 'Apocalypse' (Bruce Willis, the
murderer from Fargo, Comet Texas, others) is someone signing:
The Underwriter of Apocalypse

I just got that winnowing/chaffing is old there, since spoof
detection is a basic requirement for that (still lo-tech (not much
signing, etc. unless it's a real deal)) or those, let's
add the
word 'million' to that keyword search, to avoid news like:
...domestic violence/abuse may not be considered or used to evaluate
whether to write or determine a rate, for any potential risk.
(Look honey, liberals! Let's stop and see if they run Linux.)

As opposed to insurance sales illustration firms (... we're IT
NaviSys. Hm. Well, the gist from NewsEdge's (+cookie)
seems to be that 2.5% is a big drop in volume, so someone's a
big softie yet....