Re: N64/Linux

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 13:23:27 -0700

Hi Eric!
I sent email to the authors of the article, who referred me to the
developers and I never received any information back from them
as it was difficult to determine if I sent email to the
correct people. They aren't explicitly mentioned in the article.

The last contact information I have was one of the writers
for the magazine, perhaps he can point you to them. let me
know if you have any luck. His contact information would
be a good starting point. Of course if you haven't
seen it already, the article can be found at:

|Juergen Seeger | Tel.: +49 511 5352-387 | EMail: |
|iX - Magazin fuer professionelle Informationstechnik
|D-30625 Hannover, Helstorfer Str. 7 | Fax: +49 511 5352-361 |

If you get Inferno ported to the N64, you owe me a
copy for all the aid and assistance. 8-) The N64 hardware
is an excellent low cost platform if they'd just up the RAM.


Seriously, though, let me know how it works out.

> Did you have any success in getting info/source/binaries from "the
> Italians"? We just got an N64 here in our lab for stress relief, but
> considering we all work as OS developers for Lucent, we were thinking of
> doing a port of Inferno to the N64 for fun (considering we already have
> a mips4000 port it should be relatively straightforward). We wanted to
> use the Linux port for reference on how to talk to the graphics and how
> to write bootstrapping code. Figured we'd using the N64 Zip drive as a
> boot medium. Thanks for any pointers you might be able to send me.
> -Eric