Re: [FoRKcon] SoCal: Tonight @ Sid's, 8PM Newport Beach

Geege (
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 21:12:39 EDT

Oh, Ron,

1) It's WHETgrrl

2) I sign my posts "Geege" - which, non-conspiratorily, is my NAME

3) I promise not to rend the cosmic t-shirt

In a message dated 98-07-14 04:22:04 EDT, you write:

<< Rohit Khare -- UC Irvine -- 4K Associates -- +1- (626)806-7574 wrote:

shekels. poutine. "and the nebbishes on FoRK know who they are".


Sounds like I keep striking a nerve with you. Take it easy.
Quit fuming, and write an RFC :-). Channel that energy, man...

You want to refer to me as a 'nebbish'?
That's fine. Tim has called me an asshole to make himself feel better
too. When I was 5, kids would call me names and I'd
cry a lot. I've learned to get over it :-). 'Sticks and
stones', and all that...

Just a comment on word origins, Yiddish is quite wonderful that way.
The subtle, and delightful, differences between a schlemiel
and a schlemazel, for instance. Ever read any Sholom Aleichem?
You'd enjoy it. Harkens to a more innocent time, and shows
that human nature is truly timeless, in the shtetl or in
the cyber global village.

Meanwhile, friend Wet girl is conspiring with FoRK's archival
software, so that her posts seem to get labelled with the name
of the temporally _previous_ poster. Hence, it now appears as though
Terence Sin authored her comments on FoRKcon, and Craig
Brozefsky (not a FoRK member, mind you) authored her
comments on Sabre data
(see July98 archive for 0165.html and 0154.html, respectively).
A causality error in the group, no doubt, which can lead to
corrupted state in mere automata like me, and thence to all
forms of social breakdown!

Anyway, since FoRK does get indexed, these innocent bystanders
may not like having their names associated with words they've
never uttered. Perhaps this should get cleaned up before too
many bots make the rounds. Mush, man!

Peace & love & brotherhood of all downtrodden nebbishes, schlemiels
and schlemazels,