NetMo 4.5, X, BallSemi is the one true startup

Steve Nordquist (
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 01:50:01 -0500

Pithy Texan.
One observes xent, and it wavers
one focuses on xent to perceive the other world
without xent, the one world is not the one world.

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> > > Not a bad feature. I go to Xent....
> > How do you pronounce Xent? "ksent"? or "zent"?
> > Ink wiring mines wont too no.
> Zent, but I could be wrong.

If you want to pronounce the T, it is ch-en-t, (per Xloxlacan,axolotl,
Texan (hmm)
else if a softened t, ex-enzt (euro. (affective))
else zh-ent (as given, yo.)

> I've also found some annoying features too.
> They have a 'My' button on the graphical toolbar
> that takes you to Netscape's home page.

Tacky. I was hoping for a 'Grandfather Netscape' devotional peronal
site,or say another form: 'HTTP Drowner' 'Gopher Slumber' or 'MIME
Mozilla; perhaps something that kerns well or in a pinch 'om,' despite
stylized W3C appearance of same (, since expired from consortium use.)

ah...could someone explain why this is real LaCrescenta school lunch?
Even given vitamin C and perhaps availability and
(oh, this is precious: a convincing argument against anarchy want the bitmap?
you want the bitmap? You can't handle the bitmap! )
dietary supplement angle
(we interrupt to offer antidietary ca. JavaOne NS4.0nly
Homestead, which does a distributed webpage; but how is
the object initialized, neverminding where? )
To carry a raw potato in the pocket was an old-fashioned remedy against
rheumatism that modern research has proved to have a scientific basis.
Ladies in former times had special bags or pockets made in their dresses
in which to carry one or more small raw potatoes for the purpose of
avoiding rheumatism if predisposed thereto. Successful experiments in
the treatment of rheumatism and gout have in the last few years been
made with preparations of raw potato juice. In cases of gout, rheumatism
and lumbago the acute pain is much relieved by fomentations of the
prepared juice followed by an application of liniment and ointment.
Sprains and bruises have also been successfully treated by the
Potato-juice preparations, and in cases of synovitis rapid absorption of
the fluid has resulted. Although it is not claimed that the treatment in
acute gout will cure the constitutional symptoms, local treatment by its
means relieves the pain more quickly than other treatment.
[ObWarn: lyses tyrosine, so easy on the Juicercizer or whatever -ed.]

Potato starch is much used for determining the diastatic value of malt

Hot potato water has in years past been a popular remedy for some forms
of rheumatism, fomentations [geh! -ed] to swollen and painful parts, as
hot as can be borne, being applied from water in which 1 lb. of unpeeled
potatoes, divided into quarters, has been boiled in 2 pints slowly
boiled down to 1 pint Another potato remedy for rheumatism was made by
cutting up the tubers, infusing them together with the fresh stalks and
unripe berries for some hours in cold water, and applying in the form of
a cold compress. The potatoes should not be peeled.
ripe potato juice is an excellent cleaner of silks, cottons and woollens

../ Winnah! Silk cleaner. All copyright Electric Newt.

Added Value Combo
Monday - Chalupa
Tuesday - Macho Burrito
Wednesday - Chicken Little
Thursday - Double Burger
Friday - 2 Tacos
Served with Potato <--------Who traditionally squeezes potatoes?
Juice, Milk

Also, ObJudaica and place to get potato juice w/o
beating up the little webwhackers: