Re: Launch Win98

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Thu, 16 Jul 98 07:52:48 -0700

[Delayed since June 28 due to mailer problems]

Were any other FoRKers present? I was there, and had a great time, but
no other FoRKers identified themselves. They actually had a press
conference, with several press people (including a few Japanese)
explaining how it started as a joke and kinda got carried away (almost
like Linux). I had some fun tossing in well-appreciated one-liners, like:

"So, how do you respond to concerns by the UFO society that attempting
to launch Windows into space will be considered a hostile act, leading
to violent reprisals by aliens?"

There was a question: "Linux was on the Mars explorer; has Windows
every been in space before?"
Me: "Well, there's rumours that it was used to run 'Mir'"

After a discussion about the various possible failure modes of the
rocket (chute not ejecting, nose cone detaching): "So, you're saying
this could be the *second* Public WIndows 98 crash?"

My estimate was about a dozen SVLUG (user group) people, a half-dozen
press, and a half-dozen hangers on like myself. As well as maybe an
equal number of regular Baynar attendees. All in all, a fun crowd.

-- Ernie P.

You wrote:
> <<<
> Is anybody around in the Bay Area to watch this?
> Sunday, June 28, 2-5PM
> DeAnza College (Parking Lot B), Cupertino, California
> The purpose of this event is to poke some clean fun at Microsoft's
> "Win98 Launch" event of June 25. We couldn't resist the obvious
> temptation to playfully turn it around to "Launch Win98". Two Win98 beta
> CD-ROMs have been acquired and have been cut in half to make four rocket
> fins. :-)
> (When linking to this page, please do not call this a "Win98 Launch" -
> that's MS's event. Our event is called "Launch Win98". :-)
> We will launch the rocket at the BayNAR rocket club's launch on Sunday,
> June 28 at 2PM at DeAnza College, Parking Lot B because they have a
> weekly time with the necessary fire marshal and FAA approvals.
> --
> JoeF