Re: New (RedNeck) Redhat

John Boyer (
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 17:43:53 -0500

You guys forgot the most important new feature of Redhat!

RedHat To Speak Redneck

[as a native alabalamian, this is very impotent. i already use ReadHat on
my notebook,
but this should make it more better.]

RedHat Software, one of the many distributors of the Linux operating
system, has just released version 5.1, which includes a secret "Redneck"
dialect, in addition to seven other international languages--English, Czech,
French, German, Norwegian, Romanian, and Turkish.

So what the heck does "Redneck" look like? Well, there are no capital
letters, misspellings are rampant, and buttons that would normally be
labeled "yes" are now re-titled, "I reckon so." RedHat said there was some
debate internally about including the Redneck dialect, but decided most
Linux users would find it somewhat amusing.

"Sure I've been to LA. We go deer huntin' in lower alabama every year"

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