Re: This is subtext for psychmail: Surfree

Steve Nordquist (
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 23:30:11 -0500

Mike Masnick wrote:

> At 08:36 AM 6/3/98 -0700, Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar wrote:
> >Ah, but you forget that FoRK's primary method of reproduction nowadays is
> >from people hitting the archive and being sucked in by one tidbit or other.
> Protecting the archive 'a priori' is equivalent to putting up a 'no new
> members' sign.

Or rather putting something less funky than a hedge around it, whilefurther
glorifying doors. "Mr R. KHARE &"
I'm almost sure I've seen a mailing list that had homology tests in them
outside of the genetics (virology first) groups.

> We'd only get people who already know someone else, which
> is hardly any fun at all.

Then again, I -do- need to buy more books and music beforeposting this. The
next bit has another author:

> Yeah, but when it gets to the point that having the list continue in that
> manner is more of a pain than not, is it really worth it?

I was almost certain that the list would require IPng
(i.e. relaxation methods around 3 expansions of "IP ") and SODAML
and knocking 7 times at the orange tree at the gate of heaven
with a leather strop. Features should be added until
users are turned away and drivers are challenged.

How else will people learn that high pressure deep areation is
similar in cost, and superior to surface areation?