Re: [aeration]

David Long (
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 15:49:33 -0400

>How else will people learn that high pressure deep areation is
>similar in cost, and superior to surface areation?

(Disclaimer: I am not a turf engineer; my degree was not awarded by CIT[0])

Superior? Unless one has hardpan, deep aeration is overkill, as
most compaction occurs within a few inches of the surface. If leaving
cores on the turf is a concern, drag after aeration. The cores can
either substitute for or extend a topdressing, so it isn't really an
extra pass.

As far as similar in cost goes, one must look at cost-of-ownership.
What's the mechanical complexity of "high pressure deep aeration"?
Does one need a tractor with a power-take off? What size tank does
one need for a reasonably sized field? How maintenance-intensive
is such a system? It seems difficult to believe that such a system
won't require more maintenance and downtime than a simple aerator and
drag, even if the capital costs are within an order of magnitude.


[0] Center for Irrigation Technology