[Jon Hochberg] Louisiana Law.

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 13:04:49 -0700

A good friend of Steven Leif's and mine (and Bobby's, hi Bobby!)
sent me some mail clarifying the Louisiana Law.

> From tstn@bellsouth.net Fri Jun 5 07:45:18 1998
> To: "Adam Rifkin (E-mail)" <adam@cs.caltech.edu>
> Subject: Louisiana Law... strange but true
> Dear Adam, I put my answers in the text of the message. I hope my
> responses are legible.
> --JHH
> > Another amusing aside: Louisiana, I hear, resisted the drinking age
> > extortion for a while and eventually give in. However, when they raised
> > their drinking age, I understand they did it in an *incredibly* sane way
> > that, I believe, should be the model for all states. As I understand
> > it, the way Louisiana law is worded, the legal onus is on the buyer
> > rather than the seller. That is, it's only legal to buy alcohol when
> > you are 21 --- but the person breaking the law is the underage minor
> > purchasing the liquor, not the seller! Hooray if that's true! (Can
> > anyone confirm?)
> I can confirm the above paragraph. The drinking age is 21, but you can
> enter a bar at 18. If the bartender, or whoever else, serves you alcohol,
> then the bartender is breaking the law. Another wonderful quirk: No open
> container law. You are legally entitled to drink while driving, although
> you may not be drunk (.10 Blood Alcohol Content). We do, in fact, have
> DRIVE THROUGH daiquiri bars. No kidding. I've been through a few myself.
> God Bless the Great State of Louisiana.
> --Jon Hochberg

Drive through Daqueri bars?! That does it. Rohit, schedule February
1999's Mardi Gras into the void that once was your lack of social life.

Wait, Louisiana Law gets better...

> P.S. I know no one out there is gonna believe this one, but here goes:
> I am fairly positive that in at least one parish (county) in Louisiana, it
> is legal to MARRY YOUR FIRST COUSIN. And, during a debate on making
> abortion illegal, when confronted by the pro choice lobby's insistence of
> legal exceptions in the cases of rape and incest, one state legislator
> (this is true) said, and I PARAPHRASE, 'Incest is how we breed great
> racehorses in this state'.
> Oswald acted alone. The EPA isn't sure if dioxin is bad for you. Sleep tight.


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