Re: Books v. Truth; who wins? Stephen Jay Gould et al.

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Tue, 09 Jun 1998 22:13:04 -0500

Lisa Dusseault (Exchange) wrote:

> I couldn't help laughing out loud at this sentence from one of
> Amazon's reader reviews:
> "Sure, the idea that a higher intelligence can emerge from a network of
> lower organisms, as a hive emerges out of a swarm of bees, can be a
> liberating one; as if maybe millions of bored drones keystroking in their
> cubicles, contrary to what common sense and Dilbert will tell you, are
> collectively making something brilliant. "

...another reason Telnet can never be dead enough.

The Golem (pick one; Nosferatu?) is better book; per reviews:
organism lines evolve, but organelles, 'subtle reality' such as the
immune systems (the ultimate gamma-function casting components),
the social organisms people have, the governments
they order, free carbon, and last but not least, what's live on the server
see some evolution.
I'm having trouble figuring out how to drink Citra, to want to mountainbike,
and...well, I've put a UPS on top of a floppy archive for some reason.
I can just tell it's giving me sexier lips.

(well, it's a $9 date 1994?)

And speaking to your needs for cottages and better evolutionary 'rules':

(this is from this week, copyright et al)
Additionally, BeOS-enhanced vegetables are designed to
be "soil-agnostic". Not only will they grow in almost any
medium - sand, dirt, water - they will outperform seeds
that are designed to grow only in that medium.

"We examined the DNA and found a lot of legacy code that
had not been optimized for thousands of years," Dr.
Norden reported. "By stripping out this DNA code and
replacing it with modern code written from the ground up
to take advantage of today's growing conditions, BeOS
seeds are able to do more with less."

Since the BeOS-enhanced vegetables grow faster than
traditional vegetables, farmers can grow several different
crops in one planting season. And due to an advanced
"journaling" system, the vegetables are able to self-repair
any damage caused by insects, thus eliminating the need
for pesticides.

"The applications are endless," added Dr. Harden, stepping
into a pumpkin that had been hollowed out, sealed and
fitted with a door and windows to form a spacious
two-bedroom cottage.

> Go Borg!

See, there's this problem where people assimilate Johnny Sockoand -call out- the
commands, but they aren't dedicated....

> I thought Dyson was speaking more on artificial *life*, not artificial
> intelligence per se.

Confutatis, Madedictis, AOL and Dwango are conscripted to the flamesof
hell...transparent flaming water, runic, etc.

> Certainly, but book shelves filled with reference material look kinda dry
> (and for good reason).

It sure beats keeping all that current stuff around! Ne, Rohit, who ownsthe
publisher CMP?

> Mark Baker. CTO, Beduin Communications Corp

Your phone RTOS annoucement looks less droll RTOS by RTOS.