Windows 2000 error messages & signs of the times

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Thu, 18 Jun 98 22:10:11 -0700

As always, this is social commentary, not humour.

I would be willing to bet this is an old one, not written in the current
spate of M$-bashing. For example, it doesn't make any references to
the DOJ or the Internet. The Ctrl-Alt-Del comment seems to imply it
came out soon after the Windows NT new login mode first took the world by
storm. Conversely, the "Y/N" implies DOS prompts rather than Windows
dialogs. That would date it somewhere between Windows 3.1 and Windows NT
3.5, I'd estimate,

If that's the case, it implies the broader population is recycling the
jokes of an earlier genre of hackers. This was sent to me by a non-geek,
albeit one who knows I work for Apple.

Some of the jokes, of course, are far older. I'm sure "Replace Users"
is an old IBM or DEC joke, right up there with JCL (or was it VAX?)
101 Punch Tape
102 Punch Card
103 Punch Operater *-)

Have people stopped making jokes about Apple? Or they just don't tell me?

-- Ernie P.

Begin forwarded message:

HUMOR: A Mac user we know contributed these messages that
allegedly are under consideration for Windows 2000.

1. Smash forehead on keyboard to continue.
2. Enter any 11-digit prime number to continue.
3. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del now for IQ test.
4. This will end your Windows session. Do you want to play
another game?
5. Error saving file! Format drive now? (Y/Y)
6. BREAKFAST.SYS halted. Cereal port not responding.
7. File not found. Should I fake it? (Y/N)
8. Runtime Error 6D at 417A:32CF: Incompetent User.
9. User Error: Replace user.
10. Your hard drive has been scanned and all stolen software
titles have been deleted. The police are on the way.