A low performance M3 from BEA, not BMW...

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 00:22:26 -0700

[From the META group... the MS firewall is flaking out on me so on our
quest for further bits, so anyone who wants to poke around the Web and
do some analysis wins a kudo from me...]

Last week, BEA announced M3 (code-named "Iceberg"), which integrates
three of its middlewares: TP monitor (Tuxedo), CORBA, and messaging. As
we predicted, these markets are converging into a single application
infrastructure platform (AIP), which will drive vendor convergence and
leave a few large enterprise players (BEA recently acquired NCR's Top
End). M3 is the first AIP from a major enterprise middleware vendor, and
while CORBA is well integrated into the Tuxedo engine, messaging
integration (BEA MessageQ - acquired from Digital) is poor. Missing are
asynchronous interface invocation, a message transformation engine, and
a message routing engine, which makes it difficult to implement
event-driven architectures using M3.

[Rob Harley, have you pegged the jargon buzz-meter yet?]

Bottom Line: Leading-edge users can begin exploiting M3, while others
should stick with Tuxedo and migrate when M3 matures.


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