Re: [VOID] Pandapeople

Jay Thomas (
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 13:33:55 -0400

Ron Resnick wrote:
> If you other FoRKers don't find it up to the standards set by Rohit,
> tough noogies, I ain't him. I'm not even trying to imitate.
> I'm just mildly having fun and mocking about.

Quite well done. Not Rohit, but definitely good stuff. I have yet to
write a [VOID]-esque post. As long as I've been on FoRK I've been
married, so all my best [VOID] stories are many years old.

> And the girl at the bar is smashing. Since it's so dead, she's not
> in Menlo Park, and I realize she's flirting with me! And this

AND?!?!? So, what happened? So, you love your wife, thats great, but
wheres the end of *this* story????
Enquiring minds, and all that...

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