RE: national id card on the way...

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Fri, 26 Jun 1998 06:46:59 -0700

At 5:55 AM -0700 6/26/98, John Boyer came up with this:

> PS. I just arrived home from a tennis tournament/business/beach vacation to
> find that we now have a roof on the new improved Boyer-compound (tm) we are
> in the process of building.
> How'd we do in the tennis tournament? Glad you axed. My team is the Alabama
> state champs in the USTA mens 3.0 division. Having earned the title of the
> best-of-the-worst in 100 Degree heat; we will continue our competion next
> month in Chattanooga TN against other southeastern states. Hey, tennis
> districts, thats another thing that states are good for...

Cool. Do you get groupies?



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