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John M. Klassa (
Wed, 09 Jun 1999 17:07:22 -0400

>>>>> On Wed, 9 Jun 1999, "Tom" == Tom Whore wrote:

Tom> Ok, as to this while "bzzt old bits" shit...

Fine. I'll concede this point if we can forego the constant barrage
of posts about pro wrestling and mp3-based music from now on. :-)
We've all had a chance to talk about that and comment on it, and
read about it over and over and over again thanks to you and Tim.

Tom> Its cute and quipy to do the online "bzzzt old bits" but that in
Tom> itself is probaly the least clueon filled post possible. Its even
Tom> less clueon based than a spelling correction..that at least seeks
Tom> to enlighten.

Dude, I've given up on remarking on your spelling. It's a lost cause. :-)

Tom> Now if you read my post you saw that I mentioned the previously
Tom> existing perl ports, so wheres the beef of contention to the
Tom> pointing that out? A monor poin t in deed, but since your hot to
Tom> call on gafs Im more tha happy to return the volley.

I guess my point was simply that you wrote:

> Well it seem s Active State perl is plunging in to the MS camp by being
> The Dark Side company to port perl to an MS Product.

It sounds as though you think this is recent news. As David Crook
pointed out, they've been around for a while. They're not plunging into
anything; they've been there. Besides, when you say they're "*the* dark
side company to port perl" (emphasis mine), it's as though you're saying
that perl had never been ported to DOS/Windows before, either. In short,

Anyway, just nits, I guess. It's been a long day... I'm headin' home
(where I will not use my two turntables and a microphone, nor will I
crank up an mp3 version of "Stairway to Heaven", nor will I switch over
to PPV to see two guys on steroids allegedly beat the hell out of each
other with folding chairs). :-)

No offense intended; none taken.


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