Re: Play against Kasparov

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 16:54:53 -0700

Everybody knows groupthink is less decisive, less intelligent than individual
actions. Haven't you ever seen a group of people j-walk across a busy street
and thought: Gawd, what a bunch of idiots.


Rasheed Baqai wrote:
> Hi.
> Just in case you haven't heard about this. One chess tournament of the
> Internet versus Kasparov will start on June 21st.
> How it works (at least from what I undestand).
> Each day, login to and vote on what move 'the World'
> should make based on Kasparov's move. The moves will be suggested by
> smart, young chess players decided by MSN Zone. Then the turn goes back
> to Kasparov. The tournament is expected to last all summer.
> Rasheed
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