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At 12:17 PM 6/16/99, I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national
laboratory wrote:
>> Winners are determined more by luck and engine failure then they are by
>> driving effort. It would be nice to see changes made to allow for more
>> pure driving competition.
>That's always been the rub (or bump - the victory lap lies not through the
>wall). The committee makes the rules in vain efforts to even out the
>technology and let the best driver win on skill. Like new rules on tires.
>Or restricting Foyt's turbine inlet. I'm sure the Offys had displacement
>restrictions way back when speeds threatened to exceed 120 mph.

Possibly but look at the job Nascar has done. In the start of the 90's CART
ruled supreme. CART was American racing. No longer. I read recently that
Nascar is drawing close to $2 billion in sponsorship money, CART around
$500 million and IRL somewhere around $50.

F1 continues to bring in $$ although I'm sure not near as much as Nascar.
With Bernie wanting to take it public the shareholders are going to demand
equal ROI as "some white trash Nascar organization."


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