Re: goodies

John M. Klassa (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 08:20:34 -0400

>>>>> On Tue, 25 May 1999, "Sally" == Sally Khudairi wrote:

Sally> I, too, just got an email from them saying that my free CD and
Sally> goodies are in the mail. Fantastic!

Okay, so, my free CD arrived today... What format is it in, exactly?
I ask, because I assumed it'd be a normal data CD with a bunch of .mp3
files on it. (I'm not mp3-hip, so forgive me if there's some "mp3 CD
format" for these things that I'm unaware of...) Anyway, when I stick
it into the drive on my Sun Ultra and "volcheck", it doesn't register.
I cd to /cdrom, and nothing's there.

Can somebody clue in the clueless?


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