Re: [NYT] First public mention of ad-filtering proxies

Dave Long (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 21:17:17 -0700

Poking around the BEA led to some breakouts for 1992:

If I interpret these tables correctly:

Food & Kindred Products use 10.6 b$ advertising (73D) producing 408 b$ output.
Tobacco Products use 3.2 b$ for 40.1 b$ output.
Wholesale Trade, 14.4 for 569.
Retail Trade, 26.5 for 523.
Overall, 139 for 10,800.

So (if this is not utter GIGO), unless one is buying tobacco products, it
shouldn't be too difficult to get 95+% stuff. Rohit's "blinder value" then
goes to under $2000/household-year, and the 1992 overall figure looks to be
half of that.