Fwd: Postal law - Your efforts are paying in spades.

Tim Byars (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 05:18:21 -0700

>Tiger Team members of www.PostalWatch.org,
>In 4 weeks, you have accomplished an astounding feat. From the inception
>of PostalWatch's webpage, through contacts from you, through contacts
>to Congress, to monetary help, through your relentless efforts at making your
>feelings and attitudes known, we are on the verge of overturning the USPS
>regs requiring you to give up your privacy !
>This week, House Joint Resolution 55 gets reviewed by the Postal subcommittee
>of the House Government Reform Committee, headed by Dan Burton of Indiana.
>The sub-committee is headed by John McHugh of New York.
>Now it's time for phone calls. Normally, calls to House members are
>IF you live outside their districts. However, calls to
>are Ok because the legislation being decided upon is inclusive of the entire
>When contacting, PLEASE BE POLITE. We need a positive message conveyed.
>Please take the initiative: Call first, then FAX. Personal phone calls
>mean a
>whole lot more in this business.
>Stress the obvious:
>. Support House Joint Resolution 55
>. HJR 55 does not threaten H.R. 22, which "modernizes" the Postal Service.
>. Your privacy should not be given up in order for Congress to "modernize" the
>Simple ? Not so easy as it seems, but call and express your viewpoint.
>Thanks in advance,
>B. Moore
>PostalWatch, Inc.
>3631 Virginia Beach Blvd., #100
>Virginia Beach, VA 23452
>(877) 576-7825 (877-5POSTAL)
>Here are the contacts, FIRST by committee:
>Capitol Hill Switchboard
>Ask for the House Committee on Government Reform, then
>the Subcommittee on Postal...
>At the bottom of this message are the Subcommittee contacts, personally:
>John M. McHugh
>2441 Rayburn HOB
>202-225-4611 (DC phone)
>202-226-0621 (DC FAX)
>315-782-3150 (local phone)
>315-782-1291 (Watertown) (local FAX)
>http://www.house.gov/writerep/ (e-mail)
>http://www.house.gov/mchugh/ (website)
>Marshall ``Mark'' Sanford
>1223 Longworth HOB
>202-225-3176 (DC phone)
>202-225-3407 (DC FAX)
>843-727-4175 (local phone)
>803-577-6522 (Charleston) (local FAX)
>sanford@mail.house.gov (e-mail)
>http://www.house.gov/sanford/ (website)
>Benjamin A. Gilman
>2449 Rayburn HOB
>202-225-3776 (DC phone)
>202-225-2541 (DC FAX)
>914-343-6666 (local phone)
>N/A (Middletown) (local FAX)
>ben@mail.house.gov (e-mail)
>http://www.house.gov/gilman/ (website)
>Steven C. LaTourette
>1239 Longworth HOB
>202-225-5731 (DC phone)
>202-225-3307 (DC FAX)
>440-352-3939 (local phone)
>N/A (Painesville) (local FAX)
>steve.latourette@mail.house.gov (e-mail)
>http://www.house.gov/latourette/ (website)
>Chaka Fattah
>1205 Longworth HOB
>202-225-4001 (DC phone)
>202-225-5392 (DC FAX)
>215-387-6404 (local phone)
>215-387-6407 (Philadelphia) (local FAX)
>N/A (e-mail)
>http://www.house.gov/fattah/ (website)
>Major R. Owens
>2305 Rayburn HOB
>202-225-6231 (DC phone)
>202-226-0112 (DC FAX)
>718-773-3100 (local phone)
>718-735-7143 (Brooklyn) (local FAX)
>major.owens@mail.house.gov (e-mail)
> (website)
>Danny K. Davis
>1218 Longworth HOB
>202-225-5006 (DC phone)
>202-225-5641 (DC FAX)
>773-533-7520 (local phone)
>N/A (Chicago) (local FAX)
>danny.davis@mail.house.gov (e-mail)
>http://www.house.gov/davis/ (website)

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