Re: Winer on XML

Jeff Bone (
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 17:21:44 -0600

Doesn't Dave get broad enough distribution among his sycophants as-is?
I intentionally blocked all content with him a while back, it's a bit
disturbing to see it come through this channel... On to substance:

> The Unix people have been in a struggle with everyone else
> over who owns the Internet. I've been writing about this for a
> long time. It would be great if they could let go of the struggle
> and realize that the Internet is owned by the universe, no
> single operating system or flavor of operating system can
> contain it.
> (more bizarre proclamations deleted...)

Typical Wining, bizarre as usual. Does anyone here have any clue what
this guy is talking about? Who *are* "the Unix people" and how have
they been struggling to "own" the Internet? IMO, that sounds more like
Microsoft and AOL than anyone else.

BTW, a little anecdote. I was having a face-to-face discussion with
Dave a while back at a sort of workshop, and I got into this debate with
him over the fact that, because my company's target audience is
corporate America, we're compelled to release product first on Windoze
then on other platforms. His response was to get all torqued up and
ultimately proclaim "Why can't you people just stop fucking with the
industry! Why can't you leave us alone!" At that point he stormed off,
pouted, and then a couple of weeks later broke the agreement that
everybody had made to participate at that workshop and *wrote about*
this exchange in his little fan letter. Particularly bizarre, as I'm a
long-time UNIX and Mac user, and not a Windows fan by any stretch. What
seemed to upset him was my simple statement that, guess what, Windows
has a large lead in market penetration of corporate America, and
developers targeting that market better have products for that platform.