RE: ed yourdon on Y2k armaggedon (long & boring)

Joe Barrera (
Sat, 7 Mar 1998 17:10:00 -0800

> PS: Ed, if you really want to scare people, you have to dredge up
> nazism somehow. Try to be topical. For instance, claim you
> have a friend who found some bones that are "probably Hitler's"
> and they're going to clone him on 1/1/2000, unless of course you
> are personally paid a large consulting fee in which case you will
> say "don't do that" and he won't.

Hey, stop ripping off Chris Carter’s Very Original Ideas. You ruined last
night’s “Millenium” for me. (I’d point you to
<> but for some reason it
doesn’t mention the Hitler thing.)

And for those wondering where the Owls and Roosters came from, see <> which
in turn I found on
<> . This site also has a link to a site
that “makes a case for the connection between the 2000 computer bug and the
second coming of Christ. Of course.” And, at the top, it has a “Time until
the Year 2000” clock, written in Javascript. (Can someone who knows
Javascript better than I do confirm that this clock is not Y2K compliant?

Oh, and since people keep asking me “where can I find CP/M documentation”, I
finally have an answer:
<> . And no, I
don’t know when Dave Cutler is going to finish the CP/M-to-Merced port.
*You* ask him, I’m not going to.

- Joe