RE: YML - Why Markup Language...

spunkanado (
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 20:51:12 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 24 Mar 1998, Joe Barrera wrote:

> [ spunk re lloyd ]
> > Aint you ever the fucking ray of sunshine in the days dreary clouded sky?
> Don't pick on Lloyd. He can't help it.
> "Think of London, a small city
> It's dark, dark in the daytime"

Thats right, I forgot. Sorry man. Comming from a country where the
Major Food Groups are Lard, Starch and Fat (with sub catagories being
starch fried in lard, starch freid in fat and the ever famous Fat Freid
LArd)I imagine the problems to both mental and physical hygine are totaly