Re: GeeK: Conspiracies, Bioweapons & the Soviet Lie

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 23:33:09 -0800

> > form of warfare yet.. yeah, sure.
> Most excellent post. Composed with just the right mix of knowledge,
> sarcasm, and bad punctuation.

Of course, I'm sure Erika can back up her opinions with
something more bitful that a general distrust for the
government. Interestingly enough, Carol Marshall
mimics Erika's sentiments in "The Last Circle"; a
book about CIA bio-whiz kid Michael Riconosciuto, who
claimed the CIA has a healthy stash of biological warfare
agents including *race specific* pathogens for those
annoying cross-cultural military occupations. Of course
these are completely useless in cases of the Hutu and Tutsi's
who differ only in culture, but Serbs, Croats, and Muslims
may just have enough identifiable genetic differences
to cook up a good batch of bioengineering marvel.

It's not so common knowledge that in real conflicts,
some percentage of military forces are subjected to
experimental warfighting techniques. In the 60's
it was mood altering drugs, in the 70's it was
chemical defoliants and debilitators, in the 80's
it was technological accoutrements. The 90's may
very well be the decade of information warfare and
biological agents. Hell, Timothy McVeigh says
that we don't know the half of it. I for one am willing
to believe when the government says it wants to stamp
out ignorance or illiteracy, they may just mean
by a genetically pre-disposed biologial warfare agent.

On another note, Rohit gets all his money from
the DARPA Biological Warfare and Counterproliferation Office,
but of course they hide that fact from him to keep him blissful.
These are the people who brought you the neuron-based bio-sensor
for easily and cheaply detecting toxic and other substances
that effect humans. It's basically a bunch of cancer cells
which live up to 4 months, strung out between a battery.
It's an amazing piece of technology, but I wonder where
they grow those pesky cancer cells?


Anyways, what happened to giving people shit for
de-lurking? Tbyars just went easy on her because she's got
an anti-microsoft page.