geek pride day 98!

Joachim Feise (
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 16:13:48 -0800

I'm a Geek... and that's ok." is the theme of this, the first ever first annual
Geek Pride Day. Let's face it, the bible was misquoted. The Geeks shall inherit
the Earth and frankly,
we're up to the task. So why not get together, celebrate, bond, and generally
geek-out. k?
If you plan on attending, please drop Tim McEachern an email at and
email you back with the lowdown on the event and what's planned.
Why Geek Pride Day?
Geek Pride Day can be attributed to Elton who went to college with me at
Plattsburgh State.
In a letter he mentioned that he had listened to Geek Nation on WAMC and wanted
to know
when Geek Pride Day was.

So the wheels started spinning. I mentioned it to Susan (Arbetter that is...)
and she said
"Cool". Next thing we know, Geek Pride day is on it's way to becoming a reality,
such as it is.

But seriously folks... it's important for us geeks to get together, talk, have
some fun, show
those non-geeks that we're not all stuck in the little AV rooms in our minds. So
come, enjoy
and maybe, just maybe, hold your head a little higher the next time someone says
"God, what
a geek."