Re: third-party datestamp site?

Mark Baker (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 22:49:43 -0500

This was bugging the heck out of me all day. I remembered that I used a
service a while back, perhaps '94, to timestamp a record of some personal
work I was doing. It was email-only.

I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of it, though I thought I
recalled it being a woman's name. It was PGP based, so I figured I must
have the public key lying around someplace. So I booted up my old box, and

pub 1024/A07786A1 1994/08/10 Betsi <>

But that address now bounces.

[Betsi, BTW, loosely stands for "Bellcore's Trusted Software Integrity

Searching the web yields, but that's an
unrecognized page on their new site (after renaming themselves Telcordia).
A search of the site turns up;

And there lies BETSI, in state. 8-(

Coindentally, the only other reference with any meat (ie. more than just a
link) that I turned up was a UCI page;

(and no, that JCohen isn't Josh - that would have been too damned creepy)