Re: Perens Re: Apple Sauce

Kragen Sitaker (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 08:43:34 -0500 (EST)

Ernest Prabhakar writes:
> > OSI is wholly with Apple, as far as anyone can tell. It's just that
> > much of the rest of the free-software community is opposed to what
> > Apple has done, including Bruce Perens, a former member of OSI.
> I'm generally going to avoid this discussion. However, Bruce has said
> (publicly) that he appreciates the steps we are taking, and is providing
> suggestions on how to do it better.
> Characterizing him as 'opposed' to what we're doing is, I think, unfair to
> him, though much of the press and other individuals seem to really want to
> take it that way.

I meant that he is opposed to almost-free licenses like the current
APSL, not that he thinks you Apple guys are evil. I have no knowledge
of what he thinks about Apple or other things Apple is doing (such as,
perhaps, working on a better APSL). Sorry about that.

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