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Thu, 25 Mar 1999 20:06:41 -0800

At 9:24 PM -0600 3/25/99, Jeff Bone did the job with this:

Dude, the crack you smoke rules.

>> Yes, and this type of "can't see my hand in front of my face"
> mentality
>> is why Microsoft is where they're at today.
> Sorry Timmy, but let's be honest: the reason Microsoft is where they
> are today is because they understand three things: (a) the "Field of
> Dreams" technology era is over, (b) they understand that their customers
> are their partners, and will pay $$$ to buy / keep customers, and (c)
> they play the best product marketing game on the planet. Couple that
> with the more insidious and subtle (d) --- they're figuring out how to
> subvert the standards process to their own ends --- and you have a
> powerful opponent. The net result is the situation we all hate --- that
> MS can shovel pure technological horseshit down the throats of every
> technology consumer on the planet and make them believe they're being
> served caviar at below cost out of the pure benevolent genius of Bill
> Gates' soul. (If he has one.)


> The infighting in the open source community actually isn't
> shortsightedness, except in perhaps a strategic, holistic sense. I see
> it as a serious if overly-semantic battle of where to draw the lines and
> where to make concessions -wrt- the definition and philosophy of open
> source, for the greater good. Not that I agree with the current
> position; IMO, anything is better than nothing... but I'm sure that if
> you examined the positions a little more closely you would find that
> there's some substance in both camps.

So the open source community is more concerned with infighting than
a,b,c, or even d. Thanks for making my point.



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