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Thu, 8 May 97 17:14:29 PDT

joebar wrote:
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> Subject: success
> Bill,
> Things look VERY promising. We are almost seven weeks ahead of schedule!
> Shall I proceed with stage 3 immediately, or should I wait one more week
> to ensure that the submission is for real?
> Please note that I haven't heard from Robert Harley yet, but of course
> he's French (or close enough) so he doesn't really count.
> - Joe
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> We've been lulled into a sense of submission...
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> > Subject: Come on guys I'm like really hurting...
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> > Is there *really* nothing anyone wants to say about the top
> > CEOs + Gore summit that Gates is holding? Or the latest
> > Fortune issue on Gates/NT/BackOffice ("he wants all of your
> > business - and he's starting to get it")? Or about the
> > Cisco/Microsoft deal? Or the Borland suit against Microsoft
> > for allegedly stealing employees?

Tee hee. Reminds me of a recent "Dear Abby" column... :)

> Dear Abby,
> I am writing to your advice-column because of a serious problem I am
> facing. You see, I am a Vietnam-era deserter from the U.S. Marines,
> and I have a cousin who works for Microsoft's Customer Service
> Division. My mother peddles Nazi literature to Girl Scouts and my
> father (a former dentist) is in jail for 30 years for raping most of
> his patients while they were under anesthesia. The sole supports of
> our family, including myself and my $500-a-week heroin habit, are my
> uncle (master pick-pocket Benny "The Fingers") and my aunt and kid
> sisters, who are well-known streetwalkers.
> My problem is this: I have gotten engaged to the most beautiful,
> sweetest girl in the world. She has just turned thirteen, and we are
> going to marry as soon as she can escape from school. To support
> ourselves, we are going to move Mexico and start a fake-Aztec-souvenir
> factory staffed by child labor. We look forward to bringing our kids
> into the family business. But -- I am worried that my family will not
> make a good impression on hers, once she has a chance to meet them.
> In your opinion, Abby: Should I -- or shouldn't I -- let her know about
> my cousin who works for Microsoft Customer Service?


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