Re: NT machine and software

I Find Karma (
Thu, 8 May 97 16:54:03 PDT

I'm not sure Eve can use any of this, but it helps to vent. :)

> voice your frustration and angst.

My machine crashes at least once a day.

The Xserver I use to login to other machines to do work crashes several
times a day.

For some reason we can't figure out how to uninstall the second copy of
the NT 4.0 operating system (yes, there are two identical copies of it
sitting there) on my hard disk.

The file system terrifies me (will it save things properly?? will it
throw things out randomly?? unclear...), and since we are not NFS
mounted yet, whenever I do work I use the aforementioned Xserver to
login to the pentiums and/or suns. Whenever said Xserver crashes, all
processes running on remote machines are left running, suspended
(meaning they can only be kill -9ed with no chance of recovery of
anything important that hadn't been saved prior to crash).

The operating system has several inconveniences for me because I prefer
shells to GUIs and I prefer to leave my session running as opposed to
rebooting every day. We haven't found a printing program yet so we're
not networked to the printers - yet another reason to remote login to
our old machines.

The control panel showed that the NT operating system doesn't make use
of the second CPU for the applications I run. Meanwhile, what resources
NT does consume it is a hog about: the operating system and web browser
(plus the web browser's contents) sometimes taking up 128Meg of my memory.

The telnet program has so many annoying little quirks that I have
difficulty using it even when I want to.

I'm really unsure how any professionals do development on this platform.
I would estimate we've lost 2 person-weeks from a 4-person project in
the last 3 weeks to bugs and/or crashes in Microsoft software. Maybe if
all I wanted to do was surf the Web and prepare an occasional slide
show, Windows NT would be the ticket. But for reading, writing, and
arithmetic, I really want to steer clear.

So, about every other day, I get frustrated and return to my
sparcstation IPC, even though the dual-processor pentium pros are
allegedly an order of magnitude faster.