RE: OpenDoc and the future.

I Find Karma (
Mon, 12 May 97 02:36:29 PDT

> Let's see, the OpenDoc folks from Apple are being hired by Netscape.

And/or Sun (watch the Java Beans people drool at the possibility...).

> OpenDoc thus becomes once again a formidable competitor to OLE,

Once again?! Implying it ever was!?

> and a key component of Netscape's war with Microsoft over the desktop.
> Justice prevails, and the forces of darkness are finally crushed.

You forget we're all conspiracy buffs here. We don't think Netscape has
the ability to crush the forces of darkness.

We believe that Netscape has also surrendered to the dark side of the
force. As have Sun, Intel, and of course Missy. Hence all of the
debates from Active X vs Java Beans, to IE vs Navigator, to OLE vs
CORBA, to DCOM vs IIO, to Pegasus vs Navio (!), are moot. The software
industry has learned from the politician industry: give the public the
impression of partisanship (i.e., Democrats vs Republicans), but really
just all be various sides of the same coin (i.e., Big Government, Big
Busines, Big Banking, keep the Rich and the Powerful happy).

As Tim Byars once said, there ARE no good OSes. The different flavors
are all there just to keep us fighting each other so we don't recognize
the greater evil, that a few boneheads are controlling the world with
substandard software and there's nothing we can do about it.

As Ron Resnick once said, (paraphrasing) would that we could toss the
whole lot and start from scratch!!

> (BTW does anyone have "Evil Empire" by Rage Against the Machine?

I do, I do! It's precisely the type of crap I play at 8am when JoeK
comes in and declares, "I've heard old people fart with more melody
than this!!!"

> I'm not a great fan of theirs but I really would love to get the cover
> scanned in so I can do the obvious doctoring to the image.)

Would that I had access to a decent scanner... when's Eve coming to
visit you next?

In an unrelated note, slowly but surely the sleeping satellites are
awakening in peoples' consciousness... Jesse Berst once again shoots
for the hyperbole...

> From Mon May 12 01:08:06 1997
> To:
> Subject: How Satellites Will Save the Web
> __________Berst Alert____________________
> Strangled by the bandwidth bottleneck, the World Wide
> Web is devolving into the World Wide Wait. Look!
> Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's
> Super Internet, able to leap large file transfers
> in a single second thanks to seamless satellite networks.
> Our hopes for a global, high-speed Internet now rest
> with new satellite ventures. Some are ready now,
> others will show up by the year 2000. Go to the Web
> site for the good news.

As Stuart Cheshire once said, bandwidth will not be the major problem
with the networks of the future. It's the latency, stupid!


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