Re: CAPSLOCK [ was: RE: HTTP, RMI, IIOP, iBus, Infospheres Infrastruc ture... ]

I Find Karma (
Sun, 11 May 97 13:33:29 PDT

> 1. You wouldn't happen to have a programmable keyboard, would you?

Not sure...

> Gateway used to sell their boxes with funky programmable keyboards. When
> my son was enough months old to bash on my keyboard, I would find my
> machine in the same crippled state. And of course the damn keyboard was
> *designed* to remember its programming after reboots.


> 2. Didn't shift bring you back to lowercase?

Nope. Shifted or unshifted, everything was in CAPS. Also, numbers were
their evil shifted counterparts (bang for 1, at for 2, pound for three, ...)

> 3. Just in case you actually want to run gnu-emacs directly on your
> Windows NT box, check out
> (One of the
> first things I did after joining Microsoft was to work on the existing
> gnu-emacs-to-Win32 port until I found it usable, e.g., making the
> split-window bars be reverse video like they are supposed to be. Geoff
> Voelker, as a Microsoft intern, picked up the port and has done a great
> job on it.)

Cool, I'll check it out. Unless some kind of miracle happens this week,
though, I think we're migrating ourselves away from our NT boxes.

They were donated to us from Intel, and so we won't throw them out.
Instead, we'll let the graphics groups take them and do OpenGL type
things with them.

> 4. Moving from Unix to Windows NT is incredibly frustrating,

Amen!!! Preach on, brother joebar!!!

> but I think that's largely because so much is different. I remember
> *hating* Unix after moving from VMS. I couldn't believe that there was
> no EDT equivalent (and no, vi does not count).

Shucks, I was about to suggest vi. :)

> I couldn't believe how brain-dead the mail program was. Etc. Years
> later, I found myself with 'ls' and 'cd' wired into my fingers,
> laughing out loud at the login prompt for Windows NT which requires
> you to type CTRL-ALT-DEL

Yes, I still have trouble with this one. Isn't C-A-D what you type when
you can't do anything but reboot?

> (which at the time symbolized everything wrong with Microsoft, namely
> that you always had to CTRL-ALT-DEL to get your machine back because
> Windows was always crashing)...

Well, Microsoft is really good at taking a liability and turning it into
an asset. :)


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