RE: DEC sues Intel for willful patent infringement

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Wed, 14 May 1997 13:30:09 -0500

Cyrix hops into the pit, too. Not clear what their beef is yet, though.

The really interesting part of the story is:

Digital, meanwhile, piled on the pressure Wednesday with
full-page advertisements in The Wall Street Journal and The
New York Times.

This is most unDEClike. They are generally so inept at PR, this is a huge
step. (Mind you, I haven't seen the ads yet -- It could be a huge step
backwards, over a cliff. ;-)

And, in their lead CyberTimes story "Suit by Digital Says Intel Stole Pentium
Design", the venerable NYTimes proves once again that headline writers are from


Next Springer: Palmer and Grove wrestle Ellison and Gates in butterscotch
pudding over the right to use the phrase "Middleware is dead"!